Huliau Green Event’s professional team has been working with Maui events to reduce waste since 2017. We will help you to make environmentally-aware choices when planning your event, large or small! With Huliau Green Events you will reduce waste and educate and inspire your event attendees.


Learn more about our reusable dishware rental program.



 Trying to reduce your individual or family waste can quickly become overwhelming. We have created some helpful tips to help you along your waste reduction journey.




 We are working to help businesses reduce waste in order to protect our ocean, animals, land and communities.


A waste audit is a good place to start when wanting to reduce waste at your business. Our audit leader, certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as a TRUE Adviser, will help you gain a holistic understanding on where your waste is coming from and action steps to take to reduce it.


Recycling is not the golden ticket we have once been taught. Although recycling is a better way to deal with waste than sending it to the landfill or incinerator it is not a long term sustainable solution.


Many single use food ware products on the market are made from paper but lined with plastic and not compostable. There is also a lot of green washing which is marketing that tricks the buyer into thinking something is environmentally friendly.  See our spreadsheet link to the right and handy picture guides below when choosing compostable products.


Why Should We Avoid Plastics?

Leaches Toxic Chemicals

Plastic is made up of a range of different chemicals that can be extremely harmful to humans. Even if it is labeled “BPA Free” there are many other chemicals that leak into our food and into our bodies through plastic wrap and packing. These chemicals have been linked to a large variety of health issues from hormonal imbalance all the way to cancer. 

Made From Fossil Fuels

Petroleum (oil), natural gas, and coal are all fossil fuels that are burned to make plastic. In burning these fossil fuels, tons of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is released into our atmosphere. These CO2 molecules trap heat and warm our planet, causing the climate to change in multiple areas of the world. 

Kills Marine Life

Plastic is extremely dangerous to animals from both ingestion and entanglement. Plastic doesn’t break down, it photodegrades, meaning that it just breaks into smaller pieces we call microplastics. These microplastics are often mistaken as food and are eaten by fish and birds which they aren’t able to digest. Most fish today are found with plastic in their stomachs, even the ones we eat. 

Most Doesn't Get Recycled

Only 10% of the items you put into your recycling bin are actually recycled into a new product. In Maui, that percentage is even smaller because we have the factor of shipping the plastics to China or India to be processed. It takes a lot of money, energy, and time to recycle plastics.