Huliau Climate Literacy Project

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The Huliau Climate Literacy Project is our newest program launched in fall 2017! The mission of the project is to work with science teachers in grades 7-12 to integrate hands-on climate literacy activities into their curriculum in alignment with Next Generation Science Standards. This includes classroom visits, hands-on activities, field trips with community partners, and an online climate change curriculum library for teachers (coming in fall 2018). The ultimate goal of the program is to build climate literacy in our community by supporting teachers in teaching about climate change and encouraging constructive dialogue on campus and at home.

Our 2017-18 pilot program served nearly 300 8th grade Earth Science students at Kalama Intermediate through a series of 5 classroom visits and a curriculum plan written in collaboration with their teachers. Students learned about the global carbon cycle, Earth’s climate systems and local impacts of climate change. They also explored solutions and strategies for resiliency and adaptation. After the program, students showed an over 40% average increase in test scores on our climate literacy test! In the 2018-19 school year, we plan to open the program to other teachers and grade levels. Teachers can use the button above to request a classroom visit. Funding for this year’s program is provided in part by the Makana Aloha Foundation and the Atherton Family Foundation.