Resources for Teachers

Below you will find resources that we offer to 6-12 grade teachers including in-class programs and teaching support, online curriculum resources, virtual field trips, and professional development courses.

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Kūkulu Pilina Professional Development

Kūkulu Pilina is a professional development series and PDE3 course for Maui DOE secondary school teachers focused on the potential for community partnership and ʻāina-based education to deepen HĀ (BREATH) through ʻāina aloha practices contextualized to their particular place and community. Both the PD series and the PDE3 course are facilitated by Maui Huliau Foundation staff in partnership with various ʻāina-based organizations on Maui. We recently launched a new page on our website dedicated to these programs.

 ʻĀina-based Resources for Teachers

During the 2021-22 school year, we launched a new page on our website to provide resources to promote community partnership and ʻāina-based learning both in the classroom and in our Maui community. On that page you will find virtual huakaʻi (field trips) and online activities created with program partners during the 2020-21 school year as part of our Maui Aloha ʻĀina Virtual Classroom. We also added a list of community partners and teachers professional development resources.

 In-School Filmmaking Support for Teachers

During the 2023-24 school year, we will again be offering support for in-school filmmaking projects with teachers, as well as student-led film projects. This initiative launched in spring 2022 has allowed us to reach more students and respond to the growing number of requests we have received from teachers and community groups. Teachers can visit our filmmaking program page using the button below to request support for film projects with their students that have an environmental or ʻāina-based focus.

Resources for Teachers’ Presentation

This video presentation shares a brief overview of resources that Maui Huliau Foundation can offer to middle and high school teachers of all subjects including filmmaking, climate literacy, campus sustainability efforts, and ʻāina-based education with community partners.

Careers in Conservation

As part of our Careers in Conservation series, Maui Huliau Foundation and our program partners, welcome the return of our Careers in Conservation events in the 2023-24 school year. At these free events, high school and college students will learn hands-on career skills from professionals working to protect Maui’s natural resources and ecosystems from mauka to makai through activity stations run by local professionals working in these fields. Learn more about each event below and register today using the button below. To find out more information, visit our Careers in Conservation page!

Customized Climate Literacy Curriculum

In this 20-minute workshop, Program Director, Lily Solano presents an overview of resources available for grade 8-12 teachers as part of our Huliau Climate Literacy Project. She shares a brief overview of the units focusing on climate change causes, impacts, and solutions, including example in-class and virtual activities. She also shares information on student-led projects, field trips, and ways that our staff can assist teachers in implementing a customized program for their students ranging from 2-10 weeks. We can also provide teaching assistance and help facilitate student-led projects focused on climate change solutions. Visit our program page using the button below to access our online classroom and learn more.

Student Produced Films

Our YouTube Channel contains nearly 100 films created over the past decade by students in our Huliau Environmental Fimmaking Club program! These films have been selected over 160 times in festivals around the world. These films are organized in to playlists by topic such as “Plastic Pollution”, “Native & Invasive Species” and “Sustainable Agriculture”, making it easier to find a relevant film to show to your class (they are also organized by the year they were created). We also have a virtual huaka’i (field trip) playlist (shown right) containing 12 virtual field trips created during the 2020-21 school year with our students and program partners. These field trips also have self-guided and virtual activities for students in our Maui Aloha ʻĀina Virtual Classroom, which you can find on our Virtual Classrooms page.

Virtual Huakaʻi Playlist


During the 2023-24 school year, we will be offering paid internships with our Zero Waste Schools & Green Events programs for high school students. We are also looking for unpaid summer interns ages 16-19 to help lead our EcoAdventure program for students entering grades 7-9. Students can visit our internships page for details.

Zero Waste Education

Maui Huliau Foundation and our program partners can provide support to teachers, cafeteria staff, eco-clubs and individual students looking to implement waste reduction and sustainability projects on campus. For example, we have assisted with student-led cafeteria waste audits, including recommendations for how cafeteria waste can be diverted from the landfill via reuse, composting and/or recycling.

You can email to request help with these projects. You can also click on the button below to visit our zero waste education page, which includes videos, activities and other zero waste/sustainable lifestyle resources, many of which were created by our Leadership Council.

PDE3 courses for DOE teachers

During the summer of 2023, Maui Huliau and our program partners are offering two three-credit PDE3 courses for Maui DOE secondary teachers with lesson plan implementation in early fall. Both courses are described below and are currently open for registration on the PDE3 site!

Engaging Students in Climate Action Problem-based Learning

In partnership with Maui College and funded by NOAA, we are offering our Climate Action PBL course for the second year! This course engages teachers in creating an inquiry-based climate change lesson plan utilizing curriculum resources, community partnership, and elements of Problem-Based Learning. Six live zoom sessions in June and July will focus on helping teachers develop their lesson plan, which will be implemented during the first quarter of the 2023-24 school year. Teachers will then meet again in October for a virtual hōʻike before submitting their portfolio. The course will draw upon curriculum resources from Maui Huliau Foundation’s Climate Literacy Project and UHMC’s STEMulate and Building Environmental Resiliency Leaders curriculum to assist teachers in facilitating PBL student inquiry into local climate change solutions. The course will introduce teachers to community groups working on adaptation and mitigation strategies, as well as opportunities for community partnership. Grade 6-12 DOE teachers of any subject in Maui County are eligible to join. Course #IS187946. This course has been approved and registration is open on the PDE3 site!

Kūkulu Pilina: Strengthening HĀ through community connections

Our Kūkulu Pilina PDE3 course is back for a third year as an expanded summer hybrid course with quarter one lesson plan implementation! Through this course, educators will explore the potential for community partnership and ʻāina-based education while deepening their personal sense of HĀ. They will also learn ways to leverage the strengths of the community in order to deepen their students’ sense of HĀ through ʻāina aloha practices contextualized to their particular place and community. Our staff is teaching this hybrid course along with community partners in June. The summer portion of the course will consist of seven two hour live zoom sessions, as well as all-day in-person sessions at Nohoʻana Farm and Kīpuka Olowalu. During the course, teachers will work to create their own lesson plan involving a community partner, which they will implement during quarter one. Grade 6-12 DOE teachers of any subject (including counselors and support staff) in Maui County are eligible to join. The course is sponsored by the Office of Hawaiian Education and utilizes their Nā Hopena Aʻo Framework and other OHE resources. Course #IS187945 This course has been approved and registration is open on the PDE3 site!